I am the engine that makes racing go.

I am routinely referred to by executives in industry racing organizations as a consumer or fan or as part of a business model.

I am largely disrespected, and I am tolerated only because, without me, racing would be a cottage industry.

I am at Aqueduct in the dark day’s of winter and at Ellis Park in the dog day’s of summer, and I hang out at nights at Charles Town, Northfield, and Evangeline.

I am the individual who is ultimately responsible for the existence of exquisite racehorse breeding farms and profitable auction companies, and without me Lexington and Ocala would be former horse capitals.

I provide the economic basis for the many people and companies who make their living servicing the racing industry, from trainers to veterinarians to feed suppliers.

I am asked to pay a takeout rate on wagers that is hefty and I often must experience poor physical conditions and indifferent or rude employees at racetracks.

I should be the center of attention in racing, but I am not, and in recent years I’ve even been playing second fiddle to slot machines.

I am the bettor, and if horse racing is to be revitalized it will be because I choose to put more of my money through the windows at my local racetrack or via the ADW company of my choice.

I know I overuse the word I, and that may come across as self-centered, but please don’t take it that way…I am just an exasperated “lowly” bettor and want racetracks and racing leaders to know how I feel and why there are fewer and fewer of us.

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  1. Neglected Punter says

    You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Never seen it put better. As long as slots are around to boost purses the punter will be slighted.