In normal times, life working on the backstretch of an American racetrack is difficult, with long hours for relatively low wages and often few or no benefits.  Additionally, grooms, hot walkers, exercise riders, and others in the largely immigrant labor force struggle with acclimation, including learning a new language and finding suitable housing and health care. The COVID – 19 pandemic has exacerbated day-to-day subsistence challenges for trainers and the folks who work for them.  For example, a racetrack abruptly closing its backstretch dislodges trainers, employees, independent contractors, and horses.

Kind and caring people, or organizations, wanting to help with financial assistance can find no better place to donate than The Jockey Club Safety Net Foundation, a charitable trust with a proven record for being reputable and trustworthy.  In fact, since 1985, it has provided “on a confidential basis,” over $16 million for “financial relief and assistance to needy members of the Thoroughbred industry and their families.”

Currently, the Foundation is focusing on hardships arising from the coronavirus pandemic, whereas it customarily offers three types of financial aid: lump sum grants, monthly assistance programs, and cooperation with worthy charities such as the Race Track Chaplaincy of America, racetrack HBPAs, and the Jockeys’ Guild.

As in any global, national, or provincial emergency, unscrupulous operators routinely try to take advantage of good-hearted people who want to help.  In the first three months of 2020, the Federal Trade Commission has already received over 7,283 complaints pertaining to coronavirus-related scams, with losses reported of $4.6 million. So with good reason, the FBI has already issued a warning about COVID – 19 schemes meant to defraud.

By giving to the Jockey Club Safety Net Foundation, a donor can be assured that the money will be used to make life more bearable for the truly needy on the backstretches of racetracks across America.

Click here to access the Foundation’s online contribution page.

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